Leather Work Glove Originator Still One of the Best

Kinco Gloves

As a professional gear tester and mountain dweller I have a lot of opportunity to use and abuse a lot of different gloves.

And as much as I love FlyLow apparel and many of the other amazing glove manufacturers out there like Scott, Marmot and Mountain Hardware, it’s been a while since I’ve seen anyone give a nod to the originator: Kinco work gloves.

In business since 1975, the company maintains a strong specialty retail ethic and does not sell direct to consumers, but the gloves are widely available online and through work-product catalogs.

In addition to the supple goatskin, pigskin and deerskin used in Kinco gloves, the company produces the warm wicking Heatkeep technology featuring finely spun polyester; its Alyeska gloves feature knitted wool fibers; and Frost Breaker are its thermal latex gripping gloves. AquaNOT is the company’s proprietary waterproof lining, which has helped propel them into favor with the winter work and sports crowd.

In addition to the Kinco work gloves we all know and love, what really brought the company into notoriety among ski bums is its Ski Glove (#901), introduced in the early ’90s and now much beloved and copied. Other Kinco winter work gloves are good for the mountain-apparel arsenal as well, and have been widely accepted by ski patrollers, lift maintenance personnel and various and sundry other certified ski bums. Especially given the reliable durability and warmth, as well as the waterproofness now available, for much less hard earned cash than many ski-specific brands.


If you want further proof, just check out the company’s Facebook page. One loyal fan recently wrote,”Just bought my third pair. I’ve worn the high wrist non-elastic striped utility glove (with Heatkeep) on the slopes and couldn’t imagine anything better. Then you introduced the Ski Glove and I’m flushed with love all over again. I’ve had the lined suede work gloves in my pack for firewood and winter tasks too. I work in snow removal and I am always happy to have these on my side. Great job and thanks for diversifying the product line.”

The Ski Glove is simply designed and rugged…the knit cuff keeps out snow (and saw dust), and the highly durable pigskin leather not only outlasts cowhide and fabric, but it has a natural breathability, allowing the gloves to “dry soft” after being wet. The double Heatkeep thermal lining is perfect for single digit days, while still allowing a good deal of dexterity. And reinforced palms and fingers—with durable Draylon thread—allow for extra wear and tear after dozens of days using snow shovels, riding snowmobiles, ski poles and chainsaws…just a few of my favorite things. http://www.kinco.com/


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